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We are Islamabad, Pakistan based destination management company. We are registered with “Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan” and the Department of Tourist Services, Government of Pakistan.

See You In Pakistan, founded by two people, actually a couple: Inna (from Belarus) and Jaaf (from Pakistan). This develops and promotes the unique culture of the country in the international arena. Both of them are putting all their possible efforts to eliminate the wrong image of Pakistan in the world. They are doing everything possible in order to prove to the world that Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth.

Legally, they are a team of two people, the two co-founders, and directors of See You In Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd., but in reality, it would not be wrong to consider it a team of three. Dimitri Bushik (Litvin) is the third personality who once put forward the idea to first create a Facebook page with the title “Не говори маме, что я в Пакистане” meaning “Do not tell my mother that I am in Pakistan”. Inna and Jaaf initially laughed and made fun of him but later they created the page. They met at a local cafe, ordered few cups of tea and this resulted in the corporation of a new tourism company. Dimitri helps a lot in inviting and accompanying the initial tourists and makes them more confident that they can do it. So without Dimitri, there would never be See You In Pakistan.

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See You In Pakistan is staffed by a team of highly motivated and experienced travel professionals who know Pakistan inside and out.

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